Join Sigma Phi Epsilon

To whom it may concern, 

I hope you are doing well! We are excited to begin another great year at the University of Arizona, and get back to normalcy, starting with Greek Life Recruitment. My name is Sammy Cibulka, the current President of Sigma Phi Epsilon's Arizona Beta Chapter here at the University of Arizona. As one of the largest fraternities on campus, we are home to over 140 men with differing majors and aspirations. As the fraternity with the highest GPA on campus, we know what it takes to achieve goals in and out of the classroom. Aside from that we hold our members to a high standard of being balanced men; socially, in the classroom, and just as men.  

If you have any interest in joining one of the most accomplished fraternities on campus, you have found the right place! The University of Arizona is a fantastic school to spend four years, but it is even better when you are surrounded by incredible individuals. Whether going on a Vegas Weekender, brotherhood events, or just eating meals at the house, we make every second count. 1614 East 1st Street is where we call home—right on Greek Row. If anything we represent aligns with you, feel free to show your interest by filling out this form. We also plan on having informational interviews where you can get a better feel for our members. Those links for sign-ups will be sent later on. 

You can contact our recruitment chair Jackson Byrne with any questions or concerns: 425-393-1666 or via email

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon!

Jack Marko