Arizona Beta welcome our newest members.

Newest Members of Sigma Phi Epsilon via the Formal Recruitment Process

New Members

(top to bottom, left to right): Dylan McCutcheon, Aaron Rabinowitz, Tanner Heinz, Conner McLeod, Matt Solverson, Matt Drascic, Cory Owan, David Ritter, Ethan Bowne, Carter Gerardo, Richard Schreiber, Kael Williams, Matt Huntley, Austin Kelley, Jay Wolfe, Jesse Toiber, Jake Cowan, David Pulaski, Nick Hernandez

Not pictured here: Tony Julian, Kyle Bonowski, Daniel Zorba


Explanation of the BMP process versus a Pledging process:

During the recolonization of SigEp AZ Beta during the 2012 school year, the chapter was converted from the classic Pledge model to the new Balanced Man Program (BMP). This has altered the functions and culture of the chapter, and may be something that the current alumni are unfamiliar with. Below is an explanation of the BMP from the 14’-15’ Vice President of Member Development, Blake Stacy.

In 1993, Sigma Phi Epsilon Headquarters unveiled a program which replaces the traditional pledging period with a continuing emphasis on community service and personal development The BMP strives to develop members through the entirety of their college careers, not just within the first semester of membership as the Pledge process did. Grounded in the tenets and philosophy of our founders in 1901, the BMP provides brothers the experiences and resources to have the ultimate undergraduate experience.

The program is divided into three challenges: Sigma, Phi, and Epsilon. It is important to note here that a key aspect of the BMP is that all members have equal rights and responsibilities. This means that as soon as they accept their bid and undergo the Sigma Rite of Passage (on the first chapter of their membership), they have full voting rights, access to the house, etc. As members progress through each challenge they undergo a portion of the ritual congruent with their accomplishment. The BMP relies on meetings of each level of the BMP for development, and these meetings are usually special events created by the Member Development committee. Some examples of events include: golfing lessons with the chapter’s Faculty Fellow, industry career panels, and leadership workshops with the director of the University’s leadership program. These events are focused around an individual’s growth and development throughout his college years, and facilitates the development of brothers into well-rounded men capable of making a difference wherever their life after college takes them.

What follows is a simple explanation of each challenge.

Sigma: Designed to help brothers acclimatize to college and fraternity life by reinforcing SigEp values and cultivating healthy skills for academic success. Some events include meetings based around time-management, nutrition, and managing coursework.

Phi: Designed to help brothers expand their horizons. Phi puts brothers in a place outside of their comfort zone. Events include dance lessons with a sorority, an active scavenger hunt, and public speaking.

Epsilon: Designed to inform brothers what it means to be a leader inside and outside of the chapter, while reinforcing the cardinal principles of virtue, diligence, and brotherly love. Events are more celebratory than instructive and include a grilling class, watching a political debate, and golf lessons with the chapter’s Faculty Fellow.

Brother Mentor: Designed to provide brothers an opportunity to give back to the chapter and prepare for life after college. For the SigEp AZ Beta chapter, this challenge is the least developed because we have had few members reach this stage in the BMP.
Hopefully this has provided you with a bit more information about the BMP, particularly within the bounds of the AZ Beta chapter. If you have further questions feel free to reach out to the current Executive Board of the fraternity, or any member from a graduating class post the 2012 academic year.

Link to BMP guide: