AZ Beta New House Campaign

Dear Brothers,

Established at The University of Arizona in 1954, the Arizona Beta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity has proudly shaped exceptional young men into world-class leaders. Titans of business, industry, agriculture, government officials, star athletes and esteemed educators trace their achievements to those “wonder” years at our Arizona Beta chapter.

As we look back on the first 60+ years of our chapter with awe, fond memories, laughter and nostalgia, it is easy to imagine that the challenges of those first few years must have been incredible. But those Brothers forged ahead without a significant base of alumni support, or the house that many of us enjoyed and considered home.

Today, we have a new set of challenges: re-colonizing our chapter and building a new house that we all can be proud of; one that matches the needs of our future members while recognizing our past. What we have in common, no matter what decade we look at, is that membership in Arizona Beta has long been a privilege that promotes achievement, opens doors of opportunity, and encourages lifelong bonds of the Brotherhood.

We stand together to ensure Arizona Beta’s long-term success upon our return to campus. In order to succeed, we must accomplish the following:

  • Recruit and maintain a committed Advisory Board of 5–7 alumni to work with our young men in all areas of chapter operations
  • Recruit and maintain a committed Educational Foundation Board of 9–11 alumni who will oversee the raising and managing of funds to support construction of educational areas in our new house, awarding scholarships, and providing grants for leadership development
  • Recruit and maintain a committed Housing Corporation Board of 12–17 alumni who will oversee the construction and property management of the new facility we will call home
  • Find 75–100 alumni dedicated to raising $2.0–2.5 million for the construction of the new house and • $1.0 million to establish an educational endowment

Very few other fraternities have had as impressive an impact on The University of Arizona as Sigma Phi Epsilon. Our impact has given our alumni the privelage of numerous buildings named in their honor and the ability to walk into campus alumni advisory boards to see many Sig Eps contributing their time to make UA a better place. Our alumni have become business, civic and professional leaders across America and the world. Brothers, it is now time to come together and recapture our glory as an outstanding Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter and return to our place as the leading fraternity at UA. With your immediate and generous support to our Capital Campaign, we will achieve our goal.