Honored Alumni

We have established a new recognition program called the Arizona Beta Hall of Fame Banquet. We will be inducting alumni for success in their careers, and/or for service to the community, and/or fraternity, and/or university into the AZ Beta Hall of Fame. We also will be honoring one alumnus per year with the Richard Guthrie Service Award. This award will honor alumni for specific service they have provided to the community they live in, and/or to the fraternity, and/or to the UA.

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2014 Richard Guthrie Service Award

Pete Rich ’76

2014 Hall of Fame Inductees

R. Gene Dewey ’61

Scott Styrmoe ’77

Zane Stoddard ’92

2013 Richard Guthrie Service Award

Dan Knauss ’68

2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Bob Webb ’63

Wayne Benesch ’64

Wayne Rutschman ’70

Michael McMahon ’77

2012 Richard Guthrie Service Award

Joe Montana ’90 (NY Kappa)

2012 Hall of Fame Inductees

Al Quick ’62

Dave Barclay ’63

Bart Fleming ’65

Michael Farley ’66

John Gemmill ’70

Chuck Eaton ’71

John Stuart ’73

Dana Bradford ’87

2011 Richard Guthrie Service Award

Richard G. Guthrie ’55

2011 Hall of Fame Inductees

Jay K. Harness MD ’65

Frank Rauscher ’65

Willam G. Ridenour ’66

RADM Mark Gemmill ’68

John A. Robertston ’68

Bruce Charlton ’79

Robert A. Eckert ’76

Edgard D. Staren MD ’79

Greg D. Stanford ’81

Dan Hicks ’84

Dana Wells ’89

John J. Fina ’91

Click here for a pdf of the 2011 program